Middle Branch Lake Hike
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Location: Middle Branch Lake, near Thendara (Old Forge)
When: Sunday, April 18, 2010
Tony C., Matt C., Brandon M., Mike M., Oliver P., Joe V. Trip
Dick Blanchard, Tony Chiffy, Dan Mahaffy, Jason Musits, Bill Newman, Brian Pratt, Vince & Celine Visingardi, Brian & Mike & Mike Fitzsimmons, John Ivory

This one continues to be one of our favorite destinations, both for hiking and for overnights.  The beauty of the lake at the end (complete with stocked lean-to) makes it worthwhile.

By "stocked", we mean that we found an un-opened can of Spam that somebody had left there (which Mr. I. promptly ate, to the amazement and disgust of all the scouts).

We decided to take a one route out, and another for the return.  We're not exactly sure that was our best idea, as the trip back ended up being longer (5.6 miles vs 7.0) and more difficult.  As reward though, the Troop treated everybody to ice cream in Old Forge upon completion!