Hike to Siamese Ponds
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Location: Siamese Ponds, starting from trailhead on Rt. 8, about 20 minutes East of Speculator, NY
When: Saturday, April 24, 2010
Oliver P., Brandon M., Tony C., Mike M., Chris S. Max
John & Tracy Ivory, Mike Fitzsimmons, Brian Pratt, Dan Mahaffy, Cara Marchio, Jason Musits, Dick Blanchard

It was a wonderful day for a hike.  The black flies were just beginning to come out, and the weather was great.  Everyone ditched their jackets pretty early in the hike.

Indiana did wonderfully on his first hike being un-tethered.  The trip out went well enough, but everyone was a bit surprised at how many long uphill stretches there were on the return trip.  :-)

We began the hike in at about 9:20, and ended up back at the trail head at around 5:30.

There were two interesting bridges along the way.  The first was a wooden bridge that was in pretty bad shape,

Yes... the picture below is of Max trying to swim across the lake.

The map below was created from a nice site that adds a layer of functionality to Google Maps (often called a "mash up").  The link below should allow you to zoom in on the route we took, as well as look at it with different overlays.