Along the Erie Canal
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Location: Mostly along the famous Erie Canal
When: Sunday, March 21, 2010
Who: A record breaking 12 scouts and 14 adults!
Click here for a full list of who joined us.
Notes: This is just amazing.  The weather was perfect, and the sense of spring fever must have hit everyone just right in order for us to get over two dozen people in on this hike.  Within the first two miles we saw a swan (!), a bunch of ducks, some geese, and even a box turtle.

(Not everybody was with us at the immediate outset of the trip, and were missing for the above photo. To see the full list of hikers, click here.)

We met at about 2:00 at the parking lot for a golf course just outside of Oriskany, and followed the trail in the map below, starting the actual walking at 2:10.  Basically, a quarter of mile from the start put us on two miles of the Erie Canal Trail.  A short trek on Old River Road then put us right along the Erie Canal itself.  We ended up at the Walmart parking lot at about 5:30.  In other words, we kept a nearly perfect pace of 3 miles per hour, doing the full distance in 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Along the way, we looked for a geocache, and planted one of our own.

Some of the scouts and scout families intercepted us en-route, and we were extremely pleased to have Bob Decker join us for the hike.  It's always nice to have old friends stay in touch and involved.  We even had two moms join us for this hike... a new record!

This link should show you the full route, but just in case that doesn't work, there's the map below.