Hot Dogs at Herbs
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Location: Where else?  In front of Herb Philipsons in New Hartford!
Dates: Saturday, April 17, 2010
Ben D., John K. Tyler W., Chris S., Oliver P., Mike M., Brian F., Zach C. John Ivory, Mike Fitzsimmons, John Koslosky, Bill Klimacek, Eric Loori, Bill Newman, Angela Derrane, Brian Pratt
Notes: Hands down, our best hot dog sale ever!  We netted over $500, selling hundreds and hundreds of hot dogs.  (Honestly, we lost count.)

Once again, the people at Herbs were fantastic hosts.  The even made mention of us in their newspaper ad!  This was the first time Tyler W. has had a chance to do anything with us, and we really appreciate the extra effort he put forth by making brownies (which were excellent!).  Bill Newman was a special help later in the day, sticking it out with us until the very end.

Sales were so good, that we made ten trips to the Save a Lot to get more hot dogs, buns, sauerkraut and chili.