Kayaks on the Moose
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Location: Moose River, near Old Forge (of course)
Dates: September 18, 2010

Josiah A., Chris S., Jared B., Brandon B., Oliver P., Arthur R., Josiah's kid brother.

Mike & Carol Fitzsimmons, Sally Pratt, Rob Bedell, Frank Abbadessa, John Koslosky

Notes: We were more than pleased to have a couple of lovely ladies join us for this excursion.  Thanks to Mrs. P. and Mrs. F.

This really could not have been a better day. The sky was clear, and the temperature was just right.  We had a great crew of people, including some adults that don't always get the chance to spend time with us.

We're lucky to have a resource like this within such a short drive.

Take a look at the top photo on the left, and notice just how close we were able to get to the deer.

Also, in one of the photos above, you should be able to spot a duck or two.