Survival at Sitrin
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Location: Camp Sitrin (), Graffenburg Road, New Hartford, NY
Dates: January 22, 2011

Mike M., Alex S., Sam N.,
Evan M., Brandon B.,
Brandon M., Oliver P.

John Koslosky,
Mike Fitzsimmons,
Jim Derrane, Brian Pratt

Notes: Special thanks to Brandon B. for taking the pictures and movies, and to John Koslosky for the commentary.

Jim Derrane did a great job working on lashing and orienteering. This benefitted 5 scouts not yet First Class.

Camp Sitrin is a great place. It reminds me a lot of Camp Ballou. It's in the same neighborhood, roughly speaking, and has some nice fields suitable for tenting, one large pavilion, a small pavilion, a pond and a babbling brook. The kids had a great time sledding too. Toasty's chili came out okay (instead of real bratwursts, his mom bought hot dogs, sliced them up and put in chili) but he did the prep himself, big plus.

Had a great fire in an above-ground 55 gallon drum contraption similar to the one we own. This is a great little camp and I'm hoping we can use it frequently.

We left Camp Sitrin Saturday night at 6pm. A nice little fire was still going in the firedrum. Lots of coals and a few logs still afire. Decided to leave the firedrum out (rather than douse the fire and put the firedrum back under the pavilion) and come back Sunday to put it in its rightful place. Brian Pratt volunteered to come back with me and lend a hand. Got up there at 12:30 Sunday and the coals were still HOT. We could have very easily started another fire. I was shocked to discover that the fire was still hot even after 18 hours. Just another learning experience care of Troop 14.