Three Eagles From T14!
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Location: St John's Church, Oxford Road, New Hartford
Dates: February 1, 2011
Who: Pretty much everyone, but most importantly Ben D., Patrick D., and John K.
Notes: We enjoyed an excellent turnout, with a broad collection of friends, family, and BSA representatives.

The evening started out strong, with presentations by our Dean of Advancement (Brian Pratt), and an interesting update about the great programs now available at Cedarlands (where we expect to be spending a week this coming summer).

We progressed into the normal presentation of merit badges and rank advancements. 

Of special note, a good number of the boys were able to receive the Signalling Merit Badge, under the guidance and instruction of Bob Decker.  This badge was retired from the mix some time ago, but brought back for 2010 only as a way of commemorating Scouting's 100 year anniversary in America.

The big event of the evening, however, was the presentation of Eagle Rank to three of our fine young men.
bulletBen D.
bulletPatrick D.
bulletJohn K.

Each of these guys has made a huge impact on our troop through their many contributions over the years.  We sincerely hope that this ceremony is not the last we'll see of them.  They're our friends, and we benefit greatly from their participation and company.

Important footnote: Since John Koslosky took over as Scoutmaster of T14 in December of 1985, he's lead thirty six scouts to the rank of Eagle.  Every one of these young men owe him their gratitude.