Woodworth Lake
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Location: Woodworth Lake
Dates: November 12-13, 2012

Evan M., John K., Jarad B., Oliver P., Ethan K., Josiah A., Mike M., Scott T., Justin V., Andrew K.

John Ivory, Frank Abbadessa, Jason Musits, Rob Bedell, Brian Pratt, Nola

Notes: We ended up here on the strong recommendation of Mr. A, who was actually a counselor here back in the day.  Good call!  We had a blast, and will definitely be returning.  Note: all of the text that follows is courtesy of Mike. M. who did a nice write-up after the fact.  Thanks to all.
Hi My name is Michael M. Also known as Toasty. I am going towards my eagle and as most of you know. To be an eagle scout, you have to get a certain amount of merit badges. Out of those their are a few required ones. I am working on the Communications Merit Badge. One of the steps of earning the merit badge is write a five minute speech. So here it goes.I will be giving a summary of the camp-out that I attended to Camp Wood Worth Lake last weekend.

It started as a cold November morning. We arrived at the church at around 8:00 in the morning. We unloaded the supplies from the shed, packed them in the cars, and set out on our voyage. The scouts that attended were, Jared Bedell, Evan Mojave, Sam and Josiah Abbedessa, Justin Vellone, John Klimenceak, Oliver Pratt, Ethan Kane, Andrew Kowenia, and I. The adults that attended were Mr. Pratt, Mr. Ivory, Mr. Abbedessa, and Mr. Bedell. My brother-in-law Jason also met us up there for the day on Saturday. We met up with the Abbedessas at the Canajoharie exit on the Thur-way. We stopped in a small plaza to get breakfast, use the restrooms, and buy some of the supplies that we lacked in the supply shed. After that we were back on the road.

We reached the campsite at around 10:00 am. Waiting there was Jason who had been talking with the director for a short while. We asked the man to let us in and we went to our campsite. We all put our stuff in our areas and helped out with bringing the troop gear up. Then we gathered and chopped firewood. After unpacking the cars and setting up the kitchen area. Jared, John, Scott, Ethan, and I made lunch. We got the griddle ready and grilled up some grilled cheese sandwiches. They tasted amazing and thanks to that god know how old griddle and all of the grease that came with it, our sandwiches tasted great. After cleaning up, we all went on a hike through the camp. Mr. Abbadessa gave us a great tour of the camp and included many of his grand memories of the place when he was a kid. We went to the waterfront where we had a snowball fight. John K. managed to climb to the top of the lifeguard chair to take cover but we quickly located him and targeted him with our artillery of snow. We also found these spools. The huge ones that the telephone company uses to hold large wires on. We rolled them down a hill, at each other, and at towers that we constructed out of other spools that we could find. We also all participated in trying to walk on them back and forth. Mr. Bedell and Evan M. are both the winners of that challenge by far. As trophies we took some back to our campsite to use as chairs.

We got back to camp around four after visiting the range of the camp. We unpacked and prepared our sleeping quarters since it got late around 5 oíclock ish. We built a fire and hung out till dinner. Dinner was by far one of the best I have ever had in the troop. Iím not sure who made it but Kudos to them. It was stir-fry over rice noodles. After dinner we started to settle down and split up into groups. Some played chess, some played a four hour game of Risk, and others just relaxed by the fire. I was alternating between most of them.

As a late night snack we lite the grill and mad some sandwiches. After that we burned a pallet and sat by the fire for a while. Finally there was an end point. I was ready for bed after that long day of fun. I heated up some water to keep me warm that night and went to sleep. However I didnít fall asleep for a while. Mr. Abbadessa turned his radio on and set it on the ground right next to my head so it took a while to fall asleep.

In the morning it was cold. Thankfully someone had already built up the fire so I got up and warmed up by it.

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