Alder Creek - Walking on Water
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Location: Cedarlands - Alder Creek Cabin
Dates: February 11-12, 2012

Scott T., Nick M., Tim G.
Josiah A., Oliver P.

John Koslosky, John Ivory,
Brian Fee, Chris Sleys

Notes: Another excuse to have our famous Trash Can Turkey!

Here are five of our finer and braver scouts, next to a historic T14 sign.

The newly reorganized shed made it EASY to find what we needed and pack it away for the trip.

Too bad we didn't remember to bring the trash can.  It would have saved us another trip to the store.

Thanks go out to Mr. McDonald for helping to drive the boys up to Long Lake.  We even managed to sneak a couple of extras along for the drive.
You'll notice that we didn't need snowshoes or cross country skis for the mile(+) hike in from the parking spot.  Although it was mid February, the snow was no more than a couple inches deep for most of the way.  A big difference from our other trips last year

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Here are shots of before, during, and after the cooking of the turkey, per the Troop 14 Trash Can Turkey method.

Since we had plenty of good wood to work with, we only used two bags of charcoal.  NOTE: For anybody else trying this, it's important to start the charcoal early in the process.

After the (fantastic) dinner, we even used the leftover carcass to make a couple gallons of turkey noodle soup, which was a nice treat at the end of the day before bed.

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We made good use of the 3 hours of cooking time to hike across McRorie Lake, past the islands, over to Windy Beach and back.

Again, there was almost no snow at all on top of the ice (which made it a bit slippery at times)

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So long, Cedarlands.