Campfire Program
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Location: Mr. Dwyer's property
Dates: May 25th, 2012
Scouts: Mike M., Josiah A., Sam A., San N., Isais S., Shawn D., Hunter G., Jacob L., James S., Grant K., Oliver P. Adults: Mr. Abbeddessa, Mr. & Mrs. Dwyer, Mrs. Steppello, Chris & Matt Sleys, Mr. Pratt Potential Scouts: Brain M. & Austin B.
Notes: It was overall a great turnout and a great night
It was a nice evening We allowed scouts to bring their friends who were interested in scouting. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. We played a game of capture the flag. Mr Dwyer performed a skit with some of the other scouts. The parents of the scouts enjoyed the evening also with many side dishes provided by scouts Towards the end of the night the scouts broke out into smaller groups and had fun with each other. Finally we burned a few flags and cleaned up.

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(Note: This event was planned and carried out by Mike M. as one of his requirements for advancement and/or a merit badge.  The above write-up is his, and the photos for the page were manipulated and fixed up by Oliver P.)