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Location: Camp Henderson, near Cooperstown NY
Dates: 10/27/12 -10/28/12
Who: Oliver, Ian, Shaun, Scott, Tyler, Jacob, Josiah, Mr. Fitzsimmons, Mr. Koslosky, Mr. Dwyer
Notes: (these pages were created by Oliver P. as troop web master)

8 scouts attended the Henderson trip along with Mr. Fitzsimons, Mr. Koslosky, and Mr. Dwyer. The scouts slept in lean-to's while adults slept in the cabin.  Soon after arriving at camp and dropping off our stuff the troop left to go to Clarks Sports Center.  Mr. Koslosky and Max, Mr. Fitzsimons dog, kept watch over the camp after the scouts left.

We spent several hours at the sports center, playing ping pong, tennis, basketball, and dodge ball. Some people got to bowl at the end of the day. One thing allot of people wanted to go to was the pool, where we stayed for over an hour, diving and swimming.  They had a rope course there too but we would've had to sign up ahead of time to use it.

The scouts enjoyed the swimming for a while before the rock wall opened up. Almost everybody climbed the wall, some multiple times but unfortunately after we were done climbing the wall it was almost time to go. Some people went bowling before leaving. then we got our stuff together and left.

We returned to the campsite, setup our sleeping arrangements then started getting the fire and food ready. There was a unusually large amount of oak trees at the campsite so we had a nice fire. After dinner some scouts enjoyed a game of manhunt, while others talked by the fire; some people did both. In the morning we had a quick breakfast before returning home.