Russell - 2012
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Location: Camp Russell, White Lake, NY
Dates: December 14-16, 2012
Notes: This entire page was created by Oliver P. (with only slight help from Mr. I., and Mr. P.)
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Troop 14's yearly trip to camp Russell was entertaining as always. We stay at camp Russell mess hall where we play board games, snack, and play outside in the snow. Though this year there was not much snow on the ground. Also we usually sleep on the tables at night but Camp Russell made a new rule against it so we put together some benches and slept like that.

We also had some special guest come up with us, Mr. Ivory's dog, Trip, and my dog, Nola. Everyone enjoyed the dogs. though out the 3 days we were there, there were various board games to play such as chess, checkers, go, speed stack, risk, poker, or my favorite Catan. I enjoyed it so much I bought it soon after the trip.

We had to cook our own meals. We had pancakes and sausage, Rubins and Monte Christos, and the McKoen family recipe for Chicken Riggies, along with plenty of snacks and drinks for in between.

(click here for a full breakdown of what we bought and what we ate)

On the second day we went Geocaching. we were able to find it pretty quickly, and continued walking for a while. We walked to another nearby camp and threw rocks at the frozen lake. When the rocks hit the lake it made this strange noise like a sci-fi laser sound. We all stuck around that area for a while throwing rocks at the lake, while others took huge chunks of ice from the lake.

The board games and snacks would last until late at night. Then we would go to bed when we woke up on 2nd day, it was nice with no rush, just get up and eat. But the last day we would have the usual get up, pack up, eat which is so common on camping trips before leaving. Camp Russell is fun as it is every year, and is why it is considered one of the best campout of the year in my opinion.