White Water Rafting
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Location: Hudson River Gorge
Dates: July 29, 2012
Who: Oliver & Brian P., Mike M., Jacob L., Scott, Tyler, and Ron T., Sam & Chris N., Josiah, Sam & Mary Beth A., Justin V. Andrew K., James & Chris S., Isaias S., Ian, Spencer & Jodi P.
Notes: (page & commentary courtesy of Oliver P.)

One of Rafting Guides from Middle Earth worked with one of our scout masters, Brian Pratt. We were split up in to 3 different boats, one had Scott, his father and brother, Chris and James Sleys, Ian, Justin and Andrew.

Another boat had Oliver and Brian Pratt, Spencer and his Mom, Jacob, and Isaias.

 The last boat had Josiah, Sam and Mrs. Abbadessa, Sam Northrup and his Dad, and Toasty.

This is our second time going white water rafting, our first guide was rushed and got us there an hour earlier than the bus that was supposed to bring us back. Middle Earth gave us a great lunch, and then they drove the adults to get their cars. I preferred Middle Earth to the first company, though the white water rafting was more fun the first time I did it.

The first time I did white water rafting while the guides were going over the safety procedures they made it sound like “this is dangerous, if you don’t do this, you will be in danger” which not only made us more cautious but made it more exiting.

When the Middle Earth guides were going over the safety precautions it was more like “in the unlikely event that this happens do this” taking away the fear, caution and excitement I felt the first time.

 But besides that I have to say that I had a good time going white water rafting and I will do it again.

We received a CD full of pictures... over 65, in fact.
Click here if you'd like to download a zip file of them all.