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Location: Kopernik Observatory in Vestal, NY
Dates: Saturday, April 21, 2012
Who: Oliver P., Jared B., Sam N., Mike M., and Scott T. (& Mr Bedell)
Notes: Going where no troop 14 Boy Scout have gone before, six scouts attended the space exploration at Kopernik Observatory
The scouts built rockets for a couple hours. Our troop was one of the last to go by far. We got to enjoy seeing our hard work fly up to the sky then crash into the earth (especially when your rocket spins circles in the air before falling like a rock). To Jared's dismay, he missed his moment of his rockets hilarious yet tragic destruction.
The rest of the merit badge consisted of researching rockets, shuttles, satellites and astronauts. We looked at the rocket design, looked at articles of astronauts, and studied satellites online. We finished the requirements by 11:00 PM. The scouts then split-up to watch movies or go to sleep. In the morning breakfast was served and scouts helped with cleaning before leaving.

(This page was done by Oliver P.)