Alder Creek - Jan 2013
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Location: Cedarlands, Long Lake, NY
Dates: Jan 12-13, 2013
Who: Jared, Tim, Scott, Brendon, Jacob, Oliver, James, Chris, Josiah, Samuel, Shaun, Mr. Pratt, Mr. Koslowsky, Mr. Fitzsimmons, Mr. Abbadessa, Mr. Dwyer, Mr. Klinker
Notes: This was a warm weekend for January with highs in the 40's.
NOTE: This web page was done without assistance by Oliver P.!

We go on the Alder Creek Cabin trip two times every winter. We start in Cedarlands parking lot and pull several sleds full of stuff for the trip to the camp site. When we get there we move everything inside and start a campfire.

We worked to set up the cabin and the tents of anyone wanting to sleep outside. We brought wood so we didn't have to do much wood gathering. For dinner that night we had Trash Can Turkey as we do when ever we go on this trip and it tasted great.

After the campsite was all setup, most of the scouts went to go make snow forts in which some of them planned to spend the night in. We used benches, chimneys and trees to build them, but despite all our work, no one slept outside that night. 

In the morning, we got up around 7 and packed up, eat some donuts and pulled the sleds back to the cars. Fortunately the trip back always seems shorter than the trip there. I think this campout is a really fun event.