Canoe Practice
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Location: Moose River, Old Forge, NY
Dates: June 15, 2013
Who: Pretty much the whole troop, and a good showing of family members to flesh it out.
Notes: FWIW, we always get great service from Tickners!

Since the troop was going to be going to Maine in only a couple of weeks for a big adventure, it made sense to make sure they got some practice in before the trip.

It's always especially gratifying when we have alumni scouts join us for these trips. In the photo above we have Chris Sleys, John Klimacek, and Emmett Loori, all eagles!

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug.  This was one of those windshield days, with just fantastic conditions.  The weather was great, the waters were high and clear, and there were NO BLACK FLIES!

This is a wonderful route, and we recommend it to anyone, whether you're a novice or fairly experienced.

There's a short section where you have to portage (carry) the canoes to avoid some rapids, but it's well marked and not much more than a 1/4 mile.

Along the path, there were 3-4 spots where you could pull ashore and enjoy a sandy beach for some swimming.  There was also a very tempting spot with a rope hanging down from a tree, and we almost succeeded in getting Chris to recreate is famous head first drop into the water.