Our Youngest Eagle
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Location: Messiah United Church of Christ (our normal meeting place)
Dates: April 23, 2013
Who: Pretty much everyone.  :-)
Notes: Page and commentary provided by Oliver P., scout web master.

In the last court of honor, Jared B. became Troop 14's youngest eagle scout at the age of 14. In the years he has been in the troop he has gotten farther than those who have been on the eagle trail for twice as long. He has shown much determination and hard work into achieving this honor, and wants to continue to gain more boy scout awards.

Many other boy scouts got new merit badges. Scott Thomson was the only one other than Jared to rank up at the meeting, though many merit badges were awarded. After everyone had their merit badges and Jared, his eagle scout, we went into the main meeting room and ate the food and drinks provided by the parents and leaders of the troop.

Their we ate Jared's frosted picture on the cake which has become a tradition of troop 14 to get a cake with the new eagle scouts face on it for the court of honor. Soon after people went home and the meeting came to a close.