Fall at Henderson
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Location: Camp Henderson & Clark Sports Center (south of Cooperstown)
Dates: October 25-27, 2013
Evan M., Oliver P., Matthew C.,
Tim G., James S., Josiah A., Brendan K., Sammy A., Isaias S., Hunter G., Sam N.
John Klimacek, Chris Sleys,
Mr. Abbadessa, Mr. Goff.,
Mr. Garramone., Mr. Ivory, and Mr. Koslosky

Since the weather was so promising, and there's so much to do on these outings, especially whey we add in a trip to Clark Sports Center, we decided to make this a two-night trip.

We had two of the newer dad's join us for this one, and they were an incredible help.  They were in charge of getting food for the trip, and having this be their first time at it, they were not sure about how much to get.

We ate well.

We ate really well.

Here's Oliver, demonstrating how not to try and make toast.

Henderson is a particularly good place for our weekend campouts.  The abundance of lean-tos and the great layout make it a fine place for the boys (and adults) to hang out.

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We spent about four and a half hours at Clark Sports Center on Saturday afternoon, where the boys did everything... dodge ball, basket ball, bowling, table tennis, and lots of swimming!

You certainly can't argue with the cost for this place, and we'd highly recommend it to any other youth organization that happens to be in the area.

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Meanwhile... back at the campsite... our troop leader was hard at work making sure we had a warm fire to return to.

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This old geezer looks like an albino Papa Smurf.

(with a chain saw)


For breakfasts, we had pancakes one morning, and french toast on the other.

Bacon... lots and lots of bacon.

We also had toasted cheese sandwiches, apple cider, tons of cold cuts, bags and bags of chips... apples, nuts, bananas, soup... salad... you name it, we ate it.

The "Indian Village" at Henderson was great to go poking around, and we used this structure for impromptu cage fights.

Having easy access to a chainsaw was something new for T14, and it made all the difference in the world.  Check out the size of some of the logs in the fire.

It also made it a lot easier for us to leave the place with a lot of wood for the next guys.