Hot Dogs at Herb's
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Location: Herb Phillipsons (where else?)  :-)
Dates: April 23, 2013
Who: Pretty much everybody, including our new recruits and friends from Rome.
Notes: (web page done by Oliver P., the troop scout web master)
The Herb Phipisons hot dog sale on the 13th of April turned out great. We got supplies from the shed and drove to Herb Philipsons. We unpacked the cars and set up the tables the store provided. The weather was perfect for the sale. Not so warm people would spend their time inside and not so cold that they would stay inside for the day.

We had 3 tables set up. One had cookies brownies, chocolates and other sweets as well as snacks, the table next to it had more snacks and was where the cashier was. Behind these tables was the soda's and drinks and other things leaning against the wall or under the tables. We used the third table for cooking. Unfortunately that table was broken and the table later fell down ruining much of the food.

Despite the loss of food that didn't stop us from having extras. unfortunately due to Mr. Pratt, who insisted that we needed more food we now have enough leftovers for another hotdog sale. We got about $700 from this sale overall, showing why this is one of our biggest fund raiser.

We used the leftover hot dogs on our sale one month later. It was good. the weather was not great and it rained when we were setting up but it turned out nice. many scouts decided to stay and continue selling hotdogs after their shift was up. We got $400 from this hotdog sale and still have 60 hotdogs and 3 boxes of chips remaining.

Bacon & Cheese
flavored Crickettes!?!?


Mr. I. found these at the gas station just around the corner and brought them back for the fun of it, only to be surprised that a lot of the kids were already familiar with them.

Actually... they didn't taste at all bad!  Who knew?