Arrival at Base Camp
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Location: Maine, High Adventure Base Camp
Dates: 6/30/13
After our 8 hour car trip to Camp Roosevelt where we stayed the night we had another 5 hour car trip to get to the Maine High Adventure Base. We stopped at a lake which we crossed as soon as we moved our gear from the car to MHA's boat. The trip across the lake was 2 miles. When we got to the other side we grabbed our bags and walked to the base.

The base was located at a beautiful field with large cabins scattered across it. One of those building was the old mail building which we went to first. There our guide Peter showed us a large map of Maine and gave us a couple dozen categories that would determine what we would do on our trip.  The three categories we chose were Rump-Bumping, Exploration and Wildlife Observation.

After that we packed the food bags  and everything we would need for the trip. Once those were all set we packed our personal packs. Everyone had to chose a partner to share their bag with. Everyone packed their stuff in water proof bags in which they place inside their and their partners bag which had a garbage bag as a liner to keep everything dry. Everyone had their own personal water proof day bag that they brought with them. In it they kept everything they would need throughout the day.

After everyone had all their stuff packed we changed into our swimsuits and went down to the water. The swim test was easy. After the swim test we had to learn how to flip a canoe right side up so we were prepared if needed.  Teams of two scouts worked together with a canoe.  Once flipped we would put the front of our canoe onto a second canoe and that team would help us flip it back upwards.  After we finished this training we headed to our campsite.