Night at Base Camp
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Location: Maine, High Adventure Base Camp
Dates: 6/30/13
After we finished preparing for our trip we took our bags containing everything we would need throughout the week and headed about two miles to our campsite.

As soon as we arrived, we learned the procedure for setting up camp that we would be using at each new campsite. How to set up the tarps, tents, cooking supplies and build the campfire.

After the campsite was all squared away we soon had diner. Delicious dehydrated food. We put the food bags in boiling water to cook them and then served them. Beverages were powdered drink mixes like lemonade or Gatorade using water filtered with iodine.

After we ate we went over to the neighboring campsite and went cliff diving of a small cliff there. We did that for a while before going back to our own campsite and going to bed around 7.