Trip to Loon Lake
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Location: Maine, Loon Lake
Dates: 7/1/13
We woke up early the next morning. We got all our stuff together, packed up all the tents and equipment and put it all together in the campsite. We left all our stuff we were bringing back at camp.

The campsite is right on the water so it will be easier to pick it up in our canoes than it would be to carry them back two miles. So we hiked with out our bags back to campsite, grabbed our canoes, retrieved all our gear and canoed for two miles across the lake.

After we reached the other side we would soon be picked up in a van with all our gear and traveled for about 4-5 hours to loon lake which is in the middle of a old logging route. When we got there we had lunch and quickly set up our canoes. We didn't canoe very long around a hour before we found our campsite.

The campsite was nice, it hadn't been used by MHA in years so it was full of unused fire wood. The campsite was medium size with plenty of space. We set up camp and started diner.