Little Hurd Pond
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Location: Maine, Little Hurd Pond
Dates: 7/2/13

In order to get to Little Hurd Pond from Big Hurd Pond we would need to go trough a small entrance surrounded by brush. The entrance to the stream that led to the pond only could fit one at a time so we had to get out of canoes and pull them up stream.

It took a while but we  finally got to the top of the stream which was not all that difficult. At the top there was a much wider and deeper stream feeding the small one we walked up.

We sent two scouts to go upstream and check it out. It was apparently pretty far upstream. On their way upstream they saw another moose, the second one that day.

After they got back we decided we should head back. We went froging down the river we came from to get back. Froging is basically where the two people in each canoe ride on the edges of the canoe and ride it down stream using their feet which are in front of the canoe to steer away from any potential collisions.

After we exited the stream we canoed across Big Hurd Pond using... a creative technique. All five canoes got right next to each other and grabbed on to the sides of the neighboring canoes and had the people on the two outside canoes do all the rowing. After that we went back to our campsite on Loon Lake and prepared for dinner.