Leaving Loon lake
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Location: Maine, Loon Lake
Dates: 7/3/13
The next morning we were leaving the camping spot we were at the last two days at Loon Lake. We woke up early, packed up our bags, our tents and all our supplies and were ready to go.

We canoed across the lake to the dam were we were dropped off.  From there we took each canoe full of equipment and all together pick it up and carry it up and then down a hill.

At the dam we had lunch and took a short break. We sorted all of our stuff in our canoes making sure everything was all strapped in tight for the rapids ahead.

 But before heading towards the rapids, we stopped and did some rump-bumping. Basically we strapped 2 life vests on; the first on front as normal, the second like pants. We then jumped into the water rushing from the small dam.