3rd Night
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Location: Maine
Dates: 7/3/13
As we headed downstream we passed another canoe group pulling their canoes upstream. Shortly thereafter, we came by an area where the current was weak so we took a break for everyone to catch up. Good thing we did, half an hour later everyone but Chris Sleys and John Klimacek were there. They had flipped their canoe and they were having trouble flipping it back over again.

While we waited for them we were talking to some fishermen that were next to us.  They told us about a great camping spot around the corner. This was terrific news. We still had a couple miles till we would be at the campsite we were planning for and that one wasn't nearly as nice as the one here. So we changed our plans and stopped a little early. The campsite was great. It was a little wet in some places but besides that it was great.