Caucomgomoc Stream
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Location: Maine
Dates: 7/3/13
So after we finished rump-bumping we pulled our canoes into the water and headed down stream. We saw lots of wildlife like moose and even bald eagles.

Later the slow stream transitioned into rapids, getting more intense until we arrived at the "horse race", the most intense part of the rapids. We stopped and landed our canoes on shore before-hand to see what we were heading for and to get any tips as to the best way to make it down without flipping.

The rapids started with a small waterfall with a large rock in the middle. After going down that you needed to quickly pull right to avoid crashing into the rock wall ahead. That was the hardest part but there were more obstacles and rocks ahead.

Three out of the five canoes flipped. Some of the scouts who flipped lost their stuff in the stream or got it wet. After everyone flipped their canoes back upright we headed further downstream.  This was difficult but a blast!