Trip to Gero Island
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Location: Maine, Gero Island
Dates: 7/4/13
After finally exiting the Caucomgomoc Stream we entered Chesuncook Lake. We canoed across the lake to our campsite, the nicest one yet. It had a nice stone campfire and a lean-to and a great view of the lake.

Across the lake was a small village, a really small village called Chesuncook. The permanent population of the village was about 7. The village was located on Gero Island located in the middle of the lake.

After dropping off our stuff at camp and getting partially set up we canoed across the lake to the village. In the village there was a man who sold homemade fudge and root beer. We all  went there and tried them and they were delicious. After we were done we headed back to camp so we could finish setting up camp. Dinner that night was huge! We had a variety of food and even cake afterwards. Most of us went to bed early but a couple stayed up a little later and got to see Chesuncook set off a couple fire works for the 4th of July.