Trip to Base Camp
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Location: Maine
Dates: 7/5/13
Today was our last day. We woke up and packed up one last time. We canoed only a couple of miles. Then we arrived at a bridge.  We stopped pulled our canoes out onto land and took all our stuff out of the canoes.

We took all our stuff and organized them into piles for when we got picked up. Our car trip out was about as long as coming in. We weren't done yet though. When we arrived at the lake the campsite was on we had to get in our canoes again and canoe two miles across the lake.

Unfortunately going back to camp wasn't as easy as it was the first time. The tides were against us and were stronger than when we left.  Some of us got swept over to the right away from the camp and had to canoe near the shore the camp was on.

When we all arrived we took our stuff out of the canoes and put the canoes away. We then brought all our bags and returned all of MHA's stuff and got all our belongings. Most of us took a shower, and then had an early dinner of beans provided by MHA. After that we took all our stuff said our good byes and took the boat across the lake.