Riggies at Alder Creek
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Location: Alder Creek Cabin, Cedarlands, Long Lake, NY
Dates: March 23-24, 2013
Notes: Although this is our normal spot for making Trash Can Turkey, we decided to try something different this time.  Chicken Riggies, using our cartoonishly big frying pan over the campfire.  And y'know what?  They came out great!

As with all of these trips, it began with a long and challenging pull through the snow to get to the cabin.  Fortunately, everyone pitched in, and we got there without much trouble.

The snow was only a foot or two deep, so we didn't need snow shoes or cross country ski's.

The first order of business was to build the campfire, as we'd need that for making dinner.  Scott T. was placed in charge of finding a left handed smoke shifter, but for some reason he came up short, despite our having been sure there was one here someplace.

Some day, I promise, we'll remember to write down our recipes.  The key here was cooking things in stages.  Chicken first, then put it aside.  Then the veggies (various peppers, onions, some black olives.  Add the chicken back to the mix, and cover with red sauce and some cream.  Pasta was cooked separately over a small propane stove, and added as the final step.

Below is what the inside of the cabin looks like.  It would cycle between brisk and sweaty hot, depending on the state of the wood stove, and whether or not a kid left the door wide open.  :-)