Alder Creek - March
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Location: Alder Creek Cabin - Cedarlands
Dates: March 15-16, 2014
Who: James S., Scott T. , Shaun D., Matt C., Gage K., Ian P., Mr. Pratt, Mr. Dwyer, Mr. Sleys (& Nola!)
Six Scouts and three adults braved the snowy weather and hiked through two-feet of snow on our way to the Alder Creek Cabin at Cedarlands.

We broke into groups of two or three and pulled three sleds loaded with gear up the mountain.  We took lots of breaks as negotiating the snow covered mountain was hard enough but we were wearing our gear packs and pulling and pushing sleds.

After an hour hike we reached the cabin.  We started a fire in the cabin stove and ate our packed lunch.  People changed clothes, warmed up and rested before we started collecting wood for our fire.

Mr. Pratt brought his chain saw which made cutting the wood easy but we still had to find it buried in the snow and drag it to the cabin.  As you can see we had quite a pile of wood.  We kept the outside fire burning from 2:00 until the last of us headed off to bed around 10:00.

For dinner we made our famous trash can turkey.  We had to make some adjustments to the cooking method because we were unable to get the stake into the frozen ground.  We wrapped some wood with foil and sat the turkey on it.  Then we covered the turkey with the trash can and surrounded it with charcoal.  It came out great!

Dinner included stuffing and corn and everyone ate as much as they dared.  It was a quiet evening because everyone was tired.  The kids stayed in two tents so they could earn camping nights while the adults slept in the cabin.  In the morning we had a hot breakfast of sausage, egg and cheese in wraps.  The hike out was much easier because our sleds were light and the snow was packed down.