Antietam - 2014
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Location: Antietam National Battlefield, Sharpsville, MD
Dates: May 23-25, 2014
Oliver P., Evan M., Gage K., Lilly P., Brendan K., Ian P., Matt C.

Mr. Koslosky, Mr. Mojave
Mr. & Mrs. Pratt

Notes: (web pages courtesy of Oliver P. - scout webmaster)
Every year we have a memorial day campout, this year troop 14 went to the civil war battleground Antietam. Antietam was the the bloodiest battle during the civil war. More lives were lost than in the entire Spanish American war.

We had a long drive there, so we waited until the next day before we checked out the town. We set up camp right out side of town and slept in tents. We stayed there for three days. On the second day we headed out to town. We went on a self-tour that we took around the battlefield and town. We saw many historical landmarks like a slaving block right in front of a gas station as well as statues of solders and cannons.

There were many memorials built for the different units that fought. There were old cannons set up like they were during the battle we got a idea of what the battle was like. We visited all the main battlefields and looped around back to town. We ended up at the cemetery  were we found Antietam patches which we gave out to everyone.

For meals we had pancakes for breakfast, wraps for lunch, and for dinner we had stir-fry. The morning we left we had doughnuts and begun the long drive home. This was a good campout, the weather was nice, the history was interesting, the tour was good and it was overall a great campout.