Windy Beach and Mt. Masters
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Location: Windy Beach, Cedarlands, Long Lake, NY
Dates: June 28-19, 2014
Ian P., Oliver P., Grant K., Tim G., Evan M., Sam N., Scott T., Matt C., Josiah A. Mr. Koslosky, Mr. Klinkner, Mr. Goff (Mr. Ivory & Mr. Fitzsimmons & Trip & Jasper were day-trippers)
Windy beach is in Cedarlands like the Alder Creek Cabin we go to every year. We parked our cars except for one that carried troop equipment and backpacked for about 2 miles before we reached the campsite.
Right before the campsite there was a small jump we had to make while bringing all our stuff and the troop gear from the car to the other side. We didn't have to carry the gear far, the campsite was right next to the hole.
After gathering all the troop's gear we set up camp. The campsite was just a fire pit on a grassy clearing in front of a lake. It was a nice campsite and very beautiful.
Gathering fire wood was easy. There were lots of dead and fallen trees and branches. Dinner was a beef stew that we cooked on the camp stove. Breakfast was sausages sandwiched in-between two biscuits.
The next morning we packed up camp and hiked back to the cars to drive home. This was a good campout. It is a very nice campsite, one that I hope we will visit again in the future.