Alder Creek
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Location: Alder Creek Cabin, Cedarlands, Long Lake, NY
Dates: January 11-12, 2014

Jared B., Matthew C., Gage K., Oliver P., James S., Scott T., Tyler T., Brandon W

Mr. Pratt, Mr. Wilbur, & Nola

Notes: Page and photos done entirely by Oliver P. and Brandon W. respectively
Each winter we will go to the Alder Creek cabin in Cedarlands at least once a year. We stay in a small little cabin and play some games, eat lots of food and have a good time.

It's a lot like the Russell campout only shorter and with less hiking. There's always a two mile hike to the cabin in which we have to carry a giant sled containing the food, firewood, grills, tools, utensils, and anything we need for the trip. fortunately this time we didn't have to. We came with less people than usual so instead of all pulling one sled we split everything into two sleds. it was far easier and something we will be sure to do in the future.

After we arrived we had to wait a while before we got into the cabin due to the forgetfulness of Mr. Pratt. He left the keys to the cabin back at the scout office over a hour away. We were outside for three hours before he arrived collecting firewood and making a fire outside.
Shortly after Mr. Pratt came back with the keys we decided to go on a hike across the lake. We left Matt And Tyler in charge of the cabin while we were gone. The lake was solid, we had seen trucks driving on the ice only hours before. We walked stopping at a couple of the snow covered islands and taking photos. Jared told us about something on the other side of the lake called the Taj Mahal.

So we continued walking until we finally reached the Taj Mahal... the nicest latrine in Cedarlands. So we did our business and headed back to camp were we found that the fire outside was out and the box holding the fire wood was melted.

But we were able to quickly rekindle the fire and we soon started on dinner which was pasta. We relaxed out by the fire telling riddles and jokes before going to bed.

In the morning we woke up and had a breakfast of pancakes. Then we grabbed all our stuff and begun the hike back home.