Henderson Training Lodge
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Location: Camp Henderson
Dates: Febuary, 2014
Who: Mr. Pratt, Mr. Koslosky, Mr. Ivory, Mr. Bedel, Oliver, James, Jared, Evan, Josiah, Sam A, Sam N, Matt, Jacob (& Nola & Jasper)
The Henderson campout was our February Winter campout.  It's an easy campout only 90 minutes away and there are many campsites to choose from.  Most of us spent the night in the cabin.  Originally we were thinking that some scouts would have to stay outside in lean-to's but fortunately there was enough room in the cabin for anyone who wanted to sleep inside.  It was a cold night!

We arrived there late morning and started collecting fire wood and moving snow to build the fire pit.  We managed to find a lot of big trees to burn..

For dinner we made white chicken chili and beef chili. The meal was delicious going in...

A little background on the previous time I (Oliver) was at this campsite.  It was a different cabin but the same campground. We had taco's that night and I got sick in the middle of the night and threw up the tacos.  This campout was similar, I once again got sick in the middle on the night and once again threw up my dinner.  Next time we come to Camp Henderson, can we eat something other than Mexican food?

Besides Oliver getting sick, the campout was great.  We went on a little hike after we finished gathering wood. We walked around the campground and then across the small lake that the campground surrounds.  The snow was well over a foot deep so walking was difficult at times.  Several of the boys decided to rough it in tents for the night working towards their Camping Merit Badge.

We had our dinner, sat around the campfire and went to bed around 10:00. It was a little cold during the night because the heater was broken and the heat from the fireplace was escaping into the chimney instead of the room.

We were still able to keep the room warm enough and in the morning we packed up, ate a hot breakfast (eggs & sausage in wraps) and headed home.