Backpacking - May '01
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Cedarlands, far side of the lake


May 5-6, 2001


3 adults (John & Dan Koslosky, John Ivory) and six of our finest scouts (Matt A., Justin D., Chris I., Matt I., Dean P., Ben T.) and of course, Goose the Dog!


This could not have been better - no bugs, clear skies, no bugs, fresh crisp air, no bugs, full moon, no bugs, and good food.  And there weren't even any bugs!
The campsite was located on the distant shore of the lake at Cedarlands; where Troop 14 used to spend their summers a number of years ago.  As you can see, we were right on the water, which gave Goose all sorts of entertainment.
The two images above attempt to show where we hiked to and from.  The image on the left is from a satellite photo of the area (click here if you want to visit the web site I got it from).  The image on the right is from a photo we took from the top of Mt. Masters, which we hiked on Saturday.  Clicking on either of the above images will bring up a larger, clearer version.  It took us roughly 1 hour, 20 minutes to hike with full packs from where we parked the cars to where we eventually set camp.
The image above shows a 180 degree panoramic, resulting from my stitching together 5 separate photos.  They were taken from the top of Mt. Masters.  If you click on the above image for a clearer view, you can see Long Lake stretching across the horizon.  The closer lakes belong to CedarLands Scout Camp (as does the mountain we were standing on.  It took us abut 90 minutes to scale the mountain.  The 3 photos on the left show how very steep some of the trek was (and no, the camera was not tilted).

Speaking for myself, I still can't get over how spectacular the weekend was.  It's a pity more scouts didn't get a chance to join us for this one, or that we couldn't stay longer.
We'll just have to go back!

For more photos of Cedarlands, per our Troop's week long stay in the summer of 2000, click here.