Battleships & Boston
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Battleship Massachusetts & Boston


June 29 - July 1, 2001


5 adults (Johns DelMonte, Koslosky, and Ivory, Bob Decker, and Steve Teti) and 9 fine scouts (Dan A., Nick D., Justin D., Chris I., Matt I., Dean P., Matt R., Brandon T., Johnny Z.)


This was not our typical overnight - Sleeping on a Battleship, hiking through a city,  and swimming in pool, breakfast being served to us.  (We've got to do this more often!)

Captain Koz,
Ensign Adsit
and Faithful Crew

14 of us (9 scouts, 5 adults) spent the night of June 29th aboard the Battleship Massachusetts.  It's an amazing WWII ship with an impressive record.  They fed us well, and gave us almost unlimited access to the ship, which we explored from bridge to engine room.  (for a full history and additional information, visit their official web site).

For the night we were there, they had about 180 overnight guests.  They were expecting a crown of 500 for Saturday night.  All 15 of us slept in the actual crew area, stacked 4 high.  While fully loaded and at sea, the ship held 2,300 men, stationed mostly off the coast of Africa and in the Pacific.

In addition to the battleship, we also toured a submarine, saw PT boats, and visited a maritime museum.

We rendezvoused with Tim Halligan and his daughter in Boston on Saturday, and enjoyed a tour of the New England Aquarium and a meal/entertainment at Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. 

Mr. Halligan was an important friend of Troop 14 for many years, and continues to be a big influence.  Not only were they instrumental in helping us navigate Boston traffic, but he and his family were kind enough to open their home (and pool) for our Saturday overnight.  

630 miles, round trip.

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