BoyHaven 2002
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Location: Camp Boy Haven, Middle Grove, NY
Dates: ??? (Fall 2002)
Who: The 'I' brothers (Chris & Matt), Jeremy R., Dean P., and Patrick D., along with a predictable collection of adults as shown (although one of them was a slightly reluctant last minute sign-on :-).
Notes: Visit Boy Haven's web site by clicking here.
We treated ourselves to a very a-typical scout camp experience this time.  In addition to outstanding accommodations on the camp as a whole, the camp office was kind enough to give us full run of the facilities for the evening!

(I sometimes worry that we might be spoiling these guys.  Pool, miniature golf, foosball... but then again, what the heck!)

Dean planned and provided the food for this outing, and as should be expected, we ate really well.  The photos above show the boys attempting to blow flames out of specially rolled newspapers.  (I'll let them explain how it's done).  Not shown here are the excellent lean-tos that were available.

The grounds were wonderful, and we spent a good deal of time exploring and enjoying all they had to offer.  There were several things of particular interest.  The  tree shown on the left was huge!  check out the size of the scout on the bottom right of the photo.  We have no idea how old it must have been, but we were all deeply impressed by it; so much so that we hiked back out on our second day just to get another look at it.

Another pretty cool thing was the strange white berries you see on the right.  None of us had ever seen anything quite like it before.

It was clear that this camp is very well funded.  The photo in the top left shows a custom built boat-shaped pavilion that oversaw the swimming area (drained during our visit).

The shot on the left could almost be used for a recruitment poster for scouting, showing that the program is good for teens of all sizes.  :-)

All in all, everyone was quite impressed with Boyhaven, and we're sure to be going back for future visits.