Camporee 2002
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Location: Cooperstown, NY
Dates: (???) Early fall, 2002
Notes: We've not done Camporee's in quite a while (just sort of fell out of the habit), but this one was too good to pass up.

The weather was perfect for this trip.  The colors were just beginning to turn in the surrounding hills of Cooperstown.  Although it had rained a bit the day prior, making the ground a little damp, the air was brisk and invigorating.

Scout troops came from as much as a couple hundred miles away to join us for the weekend.  It was originally supposed to be a two night event, but the bad rains of Friday kept some of them away (including us).

The younger scouts handled all the cooking, and did a fine job with flap-jacks and sausages for breakfast.  On Saturday night, we joined the dozens of other troops for a procession around the camp site and a set of skits and songs.

While visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame, we had a chance to watch and participate in a re-enactment of how they used to do the old-time radio broadcasts. 

Definitely, one of the cooler aspects of the whole trip was visiting the Farmer's Museum (which we hiked to).  They actually let us shoot the old style muskets, and the scouts had an opportunity to practice with the militia that was assembled there.


We ate in town at one of the local cafe's on Saturday, and enjoyed all the hiking about town.  All in all, a very successful trip.