Cedarlands 2002
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Cedarlands, NY (Just north of Long Lake; 250 miles round trip) Click here for map; the lake appears yellow on the map for some reason, and is the larger one in the center of the window.


July 21 - July 27


17 Scouts, four adults, and one dog stayed the full week.  In semi-random order, we have...
Matt I.
Brian F.
Johnny Z.
Vinny R.
Jeremy R.
Patrick D.
Nick D.

Chris I.
Matt B.
Mark F.
Dave F.
Matt T.
Ben T.
George J.
Dave S.
Justin D.
Nick B.


John Koslosky
John Ivory
Jim Derrane
Cliff Rose
Dan Koslosky

Sue Menilla
Bob Decker
Mike Fitzsimmons
John DelMonte
Brian Byrnes
Dan Adsit
(Names in bold are adults.  Names in bold and underlined are adults who stayed the full week.  Names in italic are very rare but well trained dogs)


I apologize if I wasn't able to get a photo of everybody that came along.  If you've got a photo from this trip that you'd like posted here, just let me know.  Cedarlands' 5,500 acres of mountains, lakes and wilderness make it the largest Scout camp in the Adirondacks.

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Man, we're good!

Volleyball was the big game at camp this year, and we took on and beat all comers, bringing home the impressive trophy you see on the left.

The only ones we couldn't beat was the Sr. Staff... they were really good.

This ended up being

We had an unexpected change of
plans on our first day, and took advantage of it to head off site to the Falls.  We killed nearly 3 hours here, enjoying the water.

Thank goodness for some fresh ideas... one of the best this year came from Jim Derrane as he suggested and oversaw the addition of a (large!) blue tarp onto the standard silver one we use as the base for the camp.  There were predictions that it wouldn't last the week, but solid ideas and skill prevailed!

The food was great, as has become our custom.  Spaghetti, tacos, omelets, pancakes; and the cleanups went well too.  We must have done something right... this was our first year at Cedarlands where we had no bear sightings!

4 - 5 of the scouts with us are part of New Hartford's famous "Drum Line", and they seemed to take every single opportunity available to bang on pots, pans, stumps, sticks, and occasionally each other.

We were pleased and honored to have a guest spend the week with us this time around... Welcome to Dave S., who looks like he'll become a permanent member of the troop!


The new troop mascot; a curly coated retriever... one of the rarest breeds in North America.  A wonderful watch dog, and eager to play fetch with anyone that will throw a stick for him!

This year's challenge...

... was to see which team could build the tallest structure that would hold a 20 pound watermelon at the top.  Three teams of 5 scouts each, using only fallen wood, twine, and lots of imagination and cunning.

As has become custom, we held the event on Windy Beach, including a lunch of tacos.

Polar Bear Swims!?

Kudos to the scouts and adults that earned the "Polar Bear" award for waking up early and jumping in the lake at 7:00 each morning!  Very impressive.

We also took the canoes for an extended trip out onto Long Lake one of the days to go swimming at Watch Rock.  (Unfortunately, no photos).

Because of poor weather and subsequent scheduling problems, we weren't able to do rappelling this year.  But, that didn't slow us down.

On one of the afternoons, we split... several of the scouts went the the Adirondack Museum, while the rest stayed back to do "The Wall".  It's a lot tougher than it looks, and it's a big deal if you can make it to the top!

... Everything Else ...


I'm completely sure that I've forgotten to mention something we did, or forgot to take my camera along to photograph something cool.  Sorry.

But... if you've got photos from the whole event that you'd like to share with the group, please let me know and I'll include them on this page or an extension of it on the web site.

The bottom line is though that we had a fantastic time.  We had our largest group ever for Cedarlands, with lots of help from many of the adults.  Their participation was key to the success of the week, and I'm extremely grateful for their having joined us.

(Feel free to look over what we did at Cedarlands
 in the summers of 2001 and 2000.)