Cedarlands 2005
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Location: Cedarlands (of course) near Long Lake, NY
Dates: July 31 - August 6, 2005
Jonathan A.
Arjun A.
Nick D.
Ben D.
Patrick D. (elder)
Patrick D. (younger)
Sarah D. (*)
Brian F. (elder)
Brian F. (younger)
Bryce H.
Matt I.
Jon K.
Mike L.
Matt S.
Chris S.
Josh T.
Dustin T.
Steve Alessandrini
Amer Amernath
Bob Decker
Jim Derrane
Angela Derrane
John Dooley
Kevin Fee
Mike Fitzsimmons
John Ivory
Bill Klimacek
John Koslosky
Rorie Tropp
(Names in bold are for adults that stayed the full week.  Italics are for female guests.)
Notes: This is clearly one of the largest groups we've ever brought to Cedarlands, and we were rewarded with absolutely fantastic weather!

Something became painfully clear as I was putting together these web pages... we took a lot of pictures!  So, in order to make this a little more manageable, I grouped them into separate pages as follows...

- Water Activities -
- Around the Camp -
- Buttermilk Falls -
- Food & Critters -
** The Trebuchet! **
- Peace, Beauty, Nature, Rest -
- Leftovers -

In nearly all the cases, the thumbnails shown on the pages yield a much larger, un-cropped image in a separate window.

All of the photos here were taken by either Jim Derrane or Matt I., both of whom I thank greatly.  If you'd like to download the full sets of photos for printing or offline review, click here for Jim's, or click here for Matt's.  In either case, you'll end up downloading a zip file containing images scaled to 800 pixels wide.  If you'd like the full originals, contact me directly and I'll see what I can do for you.

Many of the pictures on these pages make for very fine background screens for your computer, or better still, make very nice photos when printed out.

I'd strongly recommend using the free tool Picasa, from Google.  It does a wonderful job of letting you crop and adjust photos to your liking.  I've also had very good luck sending digital photos over to SnapFish for processing.


Make no mistake about it, spending a week at Cedarlands is a lot of work, but it's also extremely comforting and rewarding, and we always look forward to going back.