Cedarlands & Trash Can Turkey
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Location: Cedarlands!  Near Long Lake, NY
Dates: April 8-10, 2005
Who: Dustin T., Josh T., Matt I., Nick D., Matt S., Chris S., Patrick D., Brian F. (the younger), John Koslosky, John Ivory, John Dooley
Notes: I apologize for the VERY long delay in my getting these pages up.  We went on the trip in April,  and it's September now as I enter these notes.  As such, I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff.

It's always interesting to notice what will capture everyone's attention.  In the case of this camp out, it was sitting on and jumping off this  big rock.  Go figure.  It is a pretty darned cool rock though.  How exactly did that tree grow on it?

The big event of the campout was the cooking of a turkey in a trash can.  I opted to put all the details of that on a separate page, complete with instructions and photos.

As you can see here, the weather was great, and we were able to spend most of the time in shirt sleeves during the day.

We took advantage of this to hike over from the camp site to Windy Beach, where we did some exploring.  It was a nice indoctrination for the many scouts who were with us for the first time.

One little trick was done just for the fun of it.  We'd brought along some dry ice (which was a lot easier to get than I originally expected).  We made a very thick, soapy solution with warm water.  By thick, we're talking using half a bottle or more of dish washing soap; the more the better.  All you have to do then is toss the chunk of dry ice in and watch it bubble.  And bubble.  And bubble.  It will do this for an amazing amount of time, making mountains of soap suds.  The real cool trick is to add the contents of a couple active glow sticks and do this at night!