Darian, 2000
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Darian Lake, Six Flags


Friday, June 1 - Sunday, July 2 (two nights)


Altogether, 37 people came to this event.  This included a number of parents, family members, and friends of the troop.


I apologize if I wasn't able to get a photo of everybody that came along.  I'll try harder next time.  Separately, if you've got a photo from this trip that you'd like posted here, just let me know.

Click on any of the photos below to get a close-up.

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The campsite...

We occupied 7 sites (#'s 851-853, and 859-862) for the 37 of us.

The Rides...

There were far too many to actually photograph, but here's a quick reminder of some of the more notable ones.  In particular, notice the SkyCoaster in the first photo.

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The Water Parks...

It was relatively easy to find people we knew here.  The weather was excellent.

The Campfire...

Most of these photos came out a little dark (as you'd expect), so I combined a bunch of them into the group shot on the bottom.




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