Bottle Drive & 10 Mile Hike
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Location: United Messiah Church, then down & back to Saquoit for the first of the 10 mile hikes
Dates: January 7th, 2006
Who: Nick D., Brian F. (the elder), Brian F. (the younger), Ben D., Matt I., Bryce H., Matt S., Chris S., Patrick D., Arjun A., Dustin T., Jonathan A., John K.,  Marshal C., Patrick D., Jeremy R., and scads of adults.
Notes: There's not a lot of text that can accompany the pictures below, so this page just takes the form of a photo gallery.  The bottle drive turned out to be a great success, and well worth doing again.  The boys put their all into it. 


(Remember, you can always bring your bottles/can direct to the redemption center.)

The Hike to Saquoit

The Boilermaker Hike

Actually, this hike happened on a different day than the above (Jan 14th), but I'm getting lazy doing web pages.  :-)

This was one of the coldest days of the winter!