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This is just a running page of notes to help us learn from our successes and mistakes in preparing and cooking food on campouts.

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Puffer Pond, September 28-29, 2013, approx 20 people

The adults handled most of the cooking, as we had a lot of junior scouts and new adults on the trip. All of the cooking was done over an open fire, with some help from a single small propane stove on the side for heating the sauce and meatballs.

For dinner, we had ziti with meatballs, along with pre-made salad and dressing.  It was five 1-pound boxes of ziti, 60(!) large meatballs from Maria's Pasta Shop, and 5 large cans of sauce.  That's about it.  Nothing fancy, but it all worked fine.  Proportions came out nearly perfect; all the meatballs got consumed. 

We might have been able to reduce by 1/5th and still had enough (a couple of the people didn't eat any for various reasons).  There were also three large bags of pre-mixed salad greens and two bottles of dressing (only really needed one), but all the salad got eaten. Parmesan cheese and apples helped flesh things out.

Breakfast worked great with 6 pounds(!) of bacon being cooked first.  We just tossed it all into the already hot fry pan.  Heat was managed by putting the pan on & off the coals over a grill we brought.  Some bacon was reserved to use as lubricant for making the pancakes.  This held out for a few minutes, but we then resorted to using canned spray oil.

Brought the bacon in frozen, and it thawed nicely by morning for use.

We brought a big plastic container of pancake mix that was advertised to make 130 pancakes.  It was the water only variety, and worked just fine.  Used the whole thing... easier than trying to lug out what was left.  Two small tubs of butter / margarine was sufficient (one would have been enough, actually), and had two small/medium  containers of syrup.  Again, great proportioning.

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