Henderson - First Times
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Location: Camp Henderson (South of Cooperstown)
Dates: March 27-28, 2004
Who: Only three adults this time (John K, John I, and Cliff R.) but 9 scouts!  Matt I., Brian F., Jeremy R., Arjun A., Dustin T., Josh T., Brian F., Bryce H., and Chris D.
Notes: First time out for 5 new scouts...

This trip marked two firsts for our troop, and as such, it warranted a lot of pictures.  :-)

One milestone was having 5 of our incoming scouts join us for their first campout!  And I must say, it worked out great.  They immediately began working as a team on pretty much everything they did.  As shown in the photos on the right, they did all the work of setting up their own tent for the night.  It turned out that one tent was just fine for all five of them to share (that probably won't be the case when they turn 15, 16, 17!).  They also took great joy and pride in being able to use an axe for chopping wood, and in making some camp-darts for recreation.  Right there, we consumed a number of hours on Saturday.

The second 'first' for us was actually visiting Henderson.  It's a little more than an hour's drive from our area, located just under Cooperstown.  Although a little tricky to find (don't believe on-line maps), it turned out to be a wonderful place that I'm sure we'll be coming back to.  Scattered around the area were all sorts of camp crafts and carvings.

We ate well, thanks to good planning and buying by Fitzsy... Spaghetti & meatballs for dinner, and a nice creative breakfast on Sunday morning. Well done.

After packing up on Sunday, we decided to divert our trip home to hit another GeoCache... this one over by Gilbert Lake. These have always turned out to be a lot of fun to hunt down.

We're looking forward to more trips to Henderson, and many more trips with our new scouts!