Henderson & Clark Sports Center
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Location: Camp Henderson during the day and night.  Clark Sports Center during a couple hours of the evening.
Dates: April 1-2, 2006
Who: A big crowd!  13 scouts... Jonathan A., Nick D., Patrick D. (the elder), Patrick D. (the younger), Brian F. (the elder), Brian F. (the younger), Bryce H., Matt I., John K., Mike L., Matt S., Chris S., and Dustin T. along with a nice mix of adults... Steve Alessandrini, Jim Derrane, Mike Fitzsimmons, John Ivory, Bill Klimacek, and John Koslosky!
Notes: Special thanks to our new chief chef - Bill Klimacek!

There were some slight confusions when we arrived at the camp.  It seems that the site we'd made reservations for was somehow occupied by squatters, which caused some amount of confusion.  Even so, things turned out quite well.  After a little poking around, we were able to find a spot that was actually better in some ways than what we'd started out with!  We set up tents, started a nice fire, and put all our food needs under the pavilion for the Camp Crafts area.  Worked out quite nicely.

We also benefited from the excellent cooking skills of Bill Klimacek, as he guided us through a variation on the Trash can Turkey.

The basic idea remained the same as on our earlier attempt, except that we didn't put the bird on the stick... we just left in in a pan on the ground level

Not shown here are any photos of when we went over to the Clark Sports Center, which is a pity because we had a blast!  We could have spent a few more hours here... swimming, dodge ball, racquet ball, foos-ball, everything you could want for a days worth of fun.

We ate like pigs for breakfast, with tons of food.  You'll notice in one of the photos above that a couple of our scouts ended up sleeping in a van rather than a tent.  This is because they had day activities to attend to, and ended up arriving at the site much later in the day.  What's great is that they still opted to make scouting with the troop a part of their weekend... nice dedication there!