Kingsley 2002
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Location: Camp Kingsley, Ava, NY
Dates: November 23-24
Who: A small crowd, but a great crowd... 4 scouts (Matt I., Brian F., Nick D., Patrick D.) and the standard predictable, recent mix of adults (Koz, John, Mike, & Jim!) and yet another troop mascot - Shelby!
Notes: Yes... it was cold, and yes that IS snow in the pictures.

Despite predictions of there being a few inches of snow, we decided to brave the elements with these fine young men.  Instead of putting up tents and such though, we wimped out and stayed in lean-tos.

Careful planning ahead of time resulted in some very fine meals that required almost no cleanup (!) and nothing fancier than boiling water to cook.  Even so, we ate very well on chili and rice for dinner, and custom made omelets for breakfast.

After dinner, we retreated to one of the cabins nearby for some card games.  (In case you wee wondering, that's a lollipop in Brian's mouth.)

We had an excellent fire pit, fueled in part by some nice cherry wood.  In addition to all the above, we hiked around the lake, did some archery, threw some snowballs, and a little bit of sledding!