Adirondack Railway
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Location: Adirondack Railway, Old Forge, NY
Dates: September 21, 2003
Who: Scouts: Matt & Chris I., Arjun A., Mark & Phil F., Nick D., Brian F., Pat D., Dave S., Jeremy R. & Matt B.
Adults: Vince Singe, Mike Fitzsimmons, Cliff Rose & John Koslosky
Notes: My apologies to the people we didn't get a photo of.  It's hard to know who you get and who you don't until you look at the result.
The weather was absolutely fantastic, and we had a great turn-out.  It's always a pleasure to see people come out for events such as this, and it's a great start to our new year.

We didn't leave until 11AM, but arrived in plenty of time to purchase the tickets.

There is some sentiment to rent canoes/kayaks & paddle down river & come back by the train. We're not sure of the cost (the Troop would pay at least part of the fee) and we'd need one of our Red Cross-certified lifeguards to go in order to get a tour permit.

A platform has been erected trackside about 4 miles south of Old Forge where canoers/kayakers await the arrival of the train.