Rifle Shooting! - 2004
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Location: Deerfield Firearms Training Facility
Dates: Saturday, December 4, 2004
Who: Scouts: Nick D., Jeremy R., Joshua T., Dustin T., Brian F. (the younger), Brian F. (the elder), Chris D., Matt I. Adults: Mr. Rose (AKA Nicolas Cage) Mr. Dodge , and Mr. Fitz .
Notes: Brian F. (the elder) was the special guest webmaster for this page.  He supplied the prose, which has gone through pretty much as supplied.  The photos are courtesy of Matt I.

We shot 22 caliber rifles , everyone did very well especially for the little to no experience they had!! When we got there we went through a short safety lesson then we walked down the range. In the side of the walls there was large dents from shotguns and rifles that shot the walls. The instructors there did a very good job to show everyone what to do. It was very fun and everyone had a good time. Mr. Fitz brought his own gun and his shotgun. The shotgun had a very large kickback and almost threw me, Matt, Nick, and the adults off balance.