Russell 2000
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Camp Russell (click here for directions)


December 15-17


5+ adults (John D., Mike F., John I., John K., Sam R., and a special guest appearance by Mario S.) raised to the challenge of being locked away with N scouts (Justin D., Brian F., Chris & Matt I., JD M., Casey & Joe R., Ben & Matt T., and Johnny Z.)  A number of others were there in spirit, and we look forward to snagging them along for the next one.


Compared with our normal accommodations, we were in a luxury setting, staying in the Dining Hall.  This is often considered the best fun of our yearly camp-outs.


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Cross Country Skiing

We went out early after breakfast on Saturday morning to enjoy some excellent skiing conditions, before the rains came in the afternoon.  

Those who didn't ski, stayed back at the cabin with Mr. Russo practicing map and compass skills, and having fun sledding and general playing around in the snow.

(I'm particularly proud of the photo in the upper left.  Click on it for a close-up. The image on the lower right is a blend of 4 photos.)

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We ate exceptionally well on this trip, with the scouts doing nearly all the cooking and cleanup.  Special thanks go to Mrs. T. for her recipe for a special beef stew (can't remember the name); made with salt pork, and lots of mushrooms!


To help fill our second evening, we formed three teams and had a challange to see who could build the tallest tower that could support a (empty) soda bottle.  The only working materials allowed were sheets of newspaper, twine, and a few shish-kabob skewers.  Good teamwork and ingenuity previaled.

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